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Other Options in Speech Pathology: Materials or App Designer

28 March 2014

For those who want some money on the side, desire a new challenge or don't feel that therapy is for them there are other options that you can take with your degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology. In a new series "Other Options in Speech Pathology" I'll take a look into some of these various paths that you may wish to take.

One idea that quite a few speech pathologists have taken up recently is developing and selling materials that others can use. These are typically items that can be used in therapy, like lessons and apps, but others sell classroom design items, tote bags and t-shirts... so the options can be endless-- if you think it, you can sell it!

One of the most popular websites that clinicians use sell their materials is Teachers Pay Teachers. You can post your items on the site, have sales, and you even have a chance at being placed on the spotlight to gain more attention. There are plenty of other websites as well, like Etsy, where you can sell items, but Teachers Pay Teachers probably has the most recognition for those looking for or selling materials.

Another great part about creating and selling materials is connecting to fellow speech pathologists and others who you might work with in your setting. Throughout the year some speech pathologists get together, each pitching in one of their products, to make a super bundle of items that will be sold to raise funds for a charity. One such time this happened was for the Oklahoma tornado that affected several online bloggers.

So, if you've got the creative genes and want to share your materials (or apps!) with others, you should consider this!

I'm not sure what program they use to make their materials, nor do I have access to royalty free images... but I took a stab at this using Paint some time ago. Take a look!