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Scouring the Wanted Ads

29 March 2013

If you're like me, you want to know at least some possibilities for the future and where you could be headed once you graduate. Or you could just want to throw some information at your parents about why this is a good degree and how there really is a demand for SLPs and SLPAs almost everywhere (especially schools). Well, in order to feed both your parents or your conscious, there are multiple sites that show current job openings in whatever town you are hoping has openings, as well as the credentials needed, benefits, and sometimes even the pay! There are sometimes CFY postings as well! (Of course, it depends if your area has openings, most likely if you tell the search a specific town and no extra mile radius this will be difficult.. so expand your horizons!)

So here I've compiled a (not completely exhaustive) list of possible websites you can scour for openings:

1. ASHA's Online Career Center

2. SLPjobs

3. JobsSLP

4. Speech Pathology Jobs

5. TopUSAJobs

6. PediaStaff  -- also has CFY separately; great to follow on Pintrest-- sometimes posts jobs!

7. of course, the typical: Indeed.comCareerBuilder.comSimplyHired

8.  -- has job postings, AND you can search for salary information based on what area you live and your job!

9. just search on Google for slp jobs and find those hidden openings or staffing agencies

What'd Ya Say? Wednesday: Community Literacy/Action and SLP

27 March 2013

Currently, as you may know from a past post, I'm taking a class on literacy, the different aspects of it, and the uses of it. In the class we've covered that literacy doesn't just encompass reading, writing, and direct communication... you can have literacy in all sort of things. There's: cultural literacy, that with is related to the space around you and your heritage; technological literacy, literacy of machines, computers, etc; spatial literacy, how each area/place/space can have its own literacy to understand... the list goes on.

As part of the course, we are now required to create a project pertaining to community literacy that has some involvement and an end product, whether its a book, gallery, website, video, poster, etc. I wanted to relate mine to Speech-Language Pathology, as it is my future profession, and it does entail some aspects of literacy. This can be as direct as dyslexia, or the deeper connections of tying letters and words to certain structures and meaning. (In our class definition, we also included being able to understand and be understood when communicating, which are the parallels to receptive and expressive communication in SLP.

Now, I've been thinking about my project a great deal and still am finding some hurdles... mostly dealing with what I want to accomplish (I have a few different ideas) and getting participants. I have 3 options as of now: 1. create a video with professionals and patients pertaining to life  with the disorder/ working with it and bullying. The community literacy aspect would then be educating others about the disorders through this video. 2. Having some sort of reading or writing workshop with a group of individuals with these disorders to promote literacy and perhaps function as a support group. 3. Have each of them draw/write/speak a short story in relation to a subject, perhaps their vision of a hero, then share them with others to promote knowledge about the vast array that these disorders come in.

Originally, my goal was to have something that I could continue after the semester and into following semesters but that is looking unlikely. What do you guys think? Are one of these options plausible? Or what are other ideas? As you see, community literacy can be advocacy as well.

If you want more information about how Literacy is something to be considered for SLPs to be knowledgeable in, feel free to see my blog post "Literacy and Therapy."

Social Media and SLP

23 March 2013

It's already known that we're in the age of technology and that it has a great role in our society. Instead of steering clear from it, as future Speech-Language Pathologists, we should embrace it. I've already Pintrest before... and you should indeed join that website as well! There are so many SLPs and students studying to be one on that site. They pin great websites, activities, ideas, etc for our profession. To go along with this, I've compiled a list (not super exhaustive) of groups on Facebook and trends/ people on twitter to check out. These are just places to start, as there are many others, and they will give you an extra resource and network for your career.


- Future SLPs (Speech - Language Pathologists)

-IMAGAS ( Insight, Mentoring, And Guidance for Aspiring SLPs)

-National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA)

- The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

- the group for your state, like Pennsylvania Speech-Language-Hearing Association










New Posts Coming Your Way!

Hey all! Things have finally settled down after the mid-semester and spring break madness. To thank you guys for being such good supporters and waiting patiently, I'll be writing some new posts this week! I'm in the midst of starting them as we speak, and one should be posted today or tomorrow. So be on the look out. :)

Sorry For The Hiatus!

13 March 2013

Hey all! Thanks for being such avid readers of this blog in it´s early stages. You guys are all great, and I´m sorry I didn´t give a warning beforehand. As most of you know, schools love to have midterms and stuff right around spring break to make students go crazy. My teachers schedules quite a few tests and other things to be due a few days before I left for Spain, and I even have a paper due TODAY in the middle of break, and a test two days after I get back... so it´s been quite hectic! On top of that I had multiple flight issues due to snow and strikes blahhh. But I finally made it! So spring break and that paper have been keeping me busy, looo siento (Sorry!) After this paper today I should be more free, so I will try to write a post before I leave here. Sounds like a deal?? :)