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Out of Hibernation!

07 December 2013

Hello all!

Wow, who knew a month could go by that quickly? As you can see, my blog went into a small hibernation... I had no idea my first official semester being in my undergrad SLP program would be this busy! November was especially hectic with numerous midterms (one class had two!), a visit from my boyfriend, research, Thanksgiving and now preparing for finals! Luckily most of my finals have been completed; I only have my anatomy and physiology of speech and my transcription phonetics finals left. Somehow my finals luck has continued and I have a Saturday final yet again. I guess I'm just destined to stay here til the end of every semester. ;)

This all comes with some good new though! I'm in the works of doing a guest interview for another website that's unrelated to SLP... It's for a blog by an american expat married to a Spaniard living in Spain. I'll be answering questions on my own relationship with a Spaniard! (That's right, I'm dating a foreigner ;) ) She has some great posts for expats/teaching English and just those interested in Spain. Check out her blog Y Mucho Mas

On a related note, I already have some posts in the works and am aiming on scheduling more. Since I'll be visiting my boyfriend over Christmas break, and not be busy with school, I'll have much more time to write posts and get some scheduled for the beginning of the school year!

Stay tuned!