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Semester End Madness Is Over!

30 April 2013

Hey all,


FINALLY the semester is over! The past couple of weeks have involved one thing after another! I can finally relax. So that's exciting. I also got to shadow two professionals, both in the medical side of things. Both were great experiences and I saw a range of disorders related to my field, so I gained lots of knowledge and even more excitement for my future profession! They both did involve children, so hopefully I can find an adult clinic to shadow soon, as well ah some schools. So once I get those lined up I'll let you know! I'm so glad I finally got my feet wet in the profession, though. :) Be ready for some new posts coming up now that my schedule is finally free!

I'm On A Roll... Oh Yeah!

18 April 2013

It's official, I'll be starting/participating in a few different things! First, I have two different job shadows, which I can't wait for! One of them entails shadowing a SLP who works with clients who have Cleft Lip and Palate, so that'll be interesting to see that first-hand. I've seen pictures and videos and learned about it in class, but that's nothing comparable to seeing it first-hand... and learning different treatment techniques for the swallowing and speech-related disorders! For the second job shadow, I'll be following a SLP who works with children that are hard of hearing and have cochlear implants... that'll be neat, especially since I just did a project on a gene mutation that causes deafness and the use of cochlear implants. These will be great experiences, and hopefully I can start shadowing some SLPs in schools, private practices and nursing homes as well. Then I'll have seen a wide range of specialties!

The second major piece of news I have is that I'm officially volunteering in an after school program! I'm extremely excited about this, as I love working with kids, and volunteering is always a good way to spend your time. I won't be starting until August/ the beginning of the school year, but at least I'm cleared and have the paperwork completed!


Have a great day everyone!

What'd Ya Say? Wednesday: Awesome Video on Extreme Autism

17 April 2013

This is such an inspiration, yet sad at the same time. It's hard to hear how others recommended she go to a group home, yet it's all due to Autism. This just shows how determination can really help those suffering from these disorders and how augmentative communication like computers can help give them a voice. We can learn about about what it's like to have Autism (especially at her extreme) while seeing how therapy really helps... and that if one method doesn't try, try again!

What'd Ya Say? Wednesday: Organization/Study Methods

03 April 2013

As any aspiring professional, or at least I hope, I'm on a mission to gain as much knowledge as I can about my future profession. I want to learn it and retain it, every little bit. I just have some slight issues: note organization and retaining the mass of information. I'm able to remember the gist of things, and most details, but I want to remember it all so I have a great repertoire to draw from. As for organization, my notes from past and current classes are slightly organized in a few folders, but I'd like to have them better filed for reference. So how do I plan about doing these tasks? Here's what I've come up with:

I know I tend to learn by writing, so this may seem tedious for some. But for me, this should lead to positive results:

-Take notes in class and from readings, either in a 5 subject notebook or one notebook for all classes (you'll see why this doesn't matter as much later). Star/Highlight anything said multiple times or pointed out by teacher.

-Re-write these notes more neatly, and more organized, in the designated single subject notebook for each class/topic.

  • color code all things that were starred/highlighted from notes: blue for terms/definitions; green for concepts; red for extra information pointed out or that seems important; yellow for assessment/treatment tests and techniques

- When it's near test time, re-write the notes in a summarized form, with the most important information. This will be used to study for tests (and re-read the full notes a few times as well).

-Make note cards to use for random practice throughout year to stay up-to-date on information.

-Place the single-subject notebooks and any handouts in an accordion folder/ small box for safe keeping and future reference. If there is extra room in single-subject notebook, then rip out pages and place them in a folder with handouts to put in accordion folder. The extra pages can then be used for another subject, and the folder will save space in the accordion folder/box. Be a tree hugger!

I'm hoping that by using this system I can be more well organized and create a way to store/ review information when needed in the future. Hopefully you find this, or an adapted version, helpful for your studies!

Volunteering Is Almost Okay'ed!

02 April 2013

I'm sooo excited. After quite some time passing to get many papers, tests, fingerprinting orders, etc done... I'm 99% the way to volunteering at a school! This is great, as I can get more experience with kids, and some will have disabilities, and some will also meet with SLPs! So now I can get some observation hours in as well (hopefully). I've been waiting for this to happen, and now it's just about here. I love working with kids and seeing them grow, so this will just be all the better. And not only will I get something out of this, the kids will too, as I'll interact with them and possibly help with projects and such. I'll keep you guys updated as things get laid out more!


I suggest that if you want volunteer hours to look through every facet that you can! I found this by attending a volunteer fair, and a representative from United Way was there and she contacted the director of this program based on my preferences! So you can find these types of things everywhere, and networking helps. There were other great opportunities at the fair too, and just from looking online. So just keep looking, contacting, etc. You should find a good placement within some time! Just remember you'll probably need to do clearances and possibly some medical tests to work with certain populations. AND always comply with HIPPA!