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I'm On A Roll... Oh Yeah!

18 April 2013

It's official, I'll be starting/participating in a few different things! First, I have two different job shadows, which I can't wait for! One of them entails shadowing a SLP who works with clients who have Cleft Lip and Palate, so that'll be interesting to see that first-hand. I've seen pictures and videos and learned about it in class, but that's nothing comparable to seeing it first-hand... and learning different treatment techniques for the swallowing and speech-related disorders! For the second job shadow, I'll be following a SLP who works with children that are hard of hearing and have cochlear implants... that'll be neat, especially since I just did a project on a gene mutation that causes deafness and the use of cochlear implants. These will be great experiences, and hopefully I can start shadowing some SLPs in schools, private practices and nursing homes as well. Then I'll have seen a wide range of specialties!

The second major piece of news I have is that I'm officially volunteering in an after school program! I'm extremely excited about this, as I love working with kids, and volunteering is always a good way to spend your time. I won't be starting until August/ the beginning of the school year, but at least I'm cleared and have the paperwork completed!


Have a great day everyone!