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Exciting Personal Update!

22 December 2014

Hi all,
As the Christmas season is coming near (and as the year/semester ends) I am in a thoughtful and thankful mood. I'm very appreciative for all my readers and followers; your support makes each day brighter! There are also several other items I am thankful for and I thought I would update you all:

First, I've been accepted to grad school! I'll be in the University of Pittsburgh's 2015 Fall cohort and majoring in (you guessed it) Speech Language Pathology! It's been a long road and one filled with lots of hard work, so I'm glad to see it accumulate to this as it is my dream school with the classes and placements I desire most. I can't wait to see who else is in my cohort! (It's also certainly nice to not worry about CSDCAS and acceptances over Christmas break like most other students in my class will be doing!)

Second, the experiment for my undergraduate thesis is figured out and we've begun running it. I won't say too much until we've gathered more data, but it revolves around sound localization and how conflicting cues can play a role in where we hear a sound. This is exciting! I've also begun writing my thesis... going to try to take it piece by piece to lighten the load later on!

Lastly, I've decided to better my Spanish. It's not necessarily an 'accomplishment' right now, but I've at least made the decision. I got over the first hurdle today by taking an online placement exam and scheduling an interview with the director of my school's Spanish department. I really want to have a better proficiency since many clients in the future may be bilingual and I might also be living in Spain for some years seeing as my boyfriend is a Spaniard!

Do you have any accomplishments to be thankful for... or anything you're excited about?