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Sorry For The Hiatus!

13 March 2013

Hey all! Thanks for being such avid readers of this blog in it´s early stages. You guys are all great, and I´m sorry I didn´t give a warning beforehand. As most of you know, schools love to have midterms and stuff right around spring break to make students go crazy. My teachers schedules quite a few tests and other things to be due a few days before I left for Spain, and I even have a paper due TODAY in the middle of break, and a test two days after I get back... so it´s been quite hectic! On top of that I had multiple flight issues due to snow and strikes blahhh. But I finally made it! So spring break and that paper have been keeping me busy, looo siento (Sorry!) After this paper today I should be more free, so I will try to write a post before I leave here. Sounds like a deal?? :)