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Free Funky February SLP Materials!

03 February 2013

Hey! Sooo, I've had the creative bug hit me lately, and that led me to attempting to make some therapy materials. Although there are two big holidays in February (Groundhogs Day and Valentines Day), I wanted to do a lesser-known and kind of fun holiday! I searched for weird February holidays and..... I found Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day! Sounds like an interesting and fun holiday, right? It's celebrated on February 11th, so it can be a fun school week activity. :)

Now, I've never made these before and I'm not sure what program SLPs use to create their materials, but I think these turned out decent. Some parts (aka my drawings) may be juvenile-ish, but it's hard to draw on Paint! Hopefully you guys like them AND if you have any hints or tips, PLEASE let me know!

It's mostly based off of building expressive  and receptive language with some activities and even a fun game! There are some some other things tested like fine motor skills, memory and comprehension.

 Here's a preview of the introduction page (that lists all the activities) and one of the activities:

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