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Time Is Flying By!

21 September 2013

Wow, were has the time gone? I'm already one month into my school year, which means it's mid-late September... how did that happen? Last I know it was the week before school starting, and I was setting up my research appointments and getting ready for classes. Is there some sort of time-stopping device? Or even one just to slow it down just a tiiiiny bit? Even having an extra couple hours would help!

Sorry for the lack of posts. I haven't forgotten about this or anything!! In fact, I've been trying to do an overhaul (starting when I switched over to this blog). The design was set to be done at the beginning of last week, so I was planning on having a nice "grand" opening, but that's been pushed back until this upcoming week. Once that is complete, we will be ready for an all new-and-improved Look Who's Talking! It'll be exciting!

Stay tuned and be ready for some more posts! I'm working on some currently, so they'll be set to come out in the upcoming weeks. :) Also, stay tuned for my new look! I think it looks great, so I hope you will too.