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September Link Up

06 September 2013

It's that time again! The ladies over at All Y'all Need have posted the September Link Up with a nice fall theme, and I'm joining in. :)

School-ing: Well, I'm now *officially* beginning my school's Communication Science and Disorders program! I'm very excited and eager to take all of the information in. To begin my undergraduate CSD career I'm enrolled in Intro to Audiology, A &P of the Speech Mechanism (my school has one for speech and one for hearing-- we have to take both), and Transcription Phonetics. Hopefully my Linguistics background will help with the latter. ;)

Excited: With the beginning of the year come the annual club fair. I'm an officer in one and a member in another. I've decided to try to join a couple more clubs or volunteer orgs to just get more involved and meet more people! There are two in the lead right now, one lets you volunteer with children at the local children's hospital and at a day school for children, while the other lets you volunteer in any department at a general hospital. We'll see what happens!

Prepping: I'm applying to conduct undergraduate Master's-level thesis research. I'll be talking with my mentor on possible alleys for research and also starting to do some work in the lab for experience as of tomorrow! 

Trying: I have such a hard time figuring out good note-taking organization. This semester I'm trying a 5 subject notebook with a file folder for each subject for loose papers. Once the semester is over I'll try to re-write all my notes into separate notebooks (or just paper and put them in separate 3ring folders) for storage.

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