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Humpday Hurrah!

21 August 2013

Rachel Wynn over at "Talks Just Fine" has called us all together yet again. She's decided to dedicate every Wednesday to celebrating something in the week that she wants to celebrate and is asking her fellow #slpeeps to join in! This will be called "Humpday Hurrah" and you can see more information HERE. It's all to promote a more positive outlook as we sometimes tend to post about our tribulations in social media. It doesn't matter if you're a SLP or a SLP2B, you just have to write about something that went well in your SLP career (or pursual of a SLP career) in the past week! It's going to happen every Wednesday and you can post if on your blog, FB or twitter with the hashtag #humpdayhurrah, catchy right?!

Let's see... something positive in my week has been figuring out my #slp2b classes and beginning my journey to conduct undergraduate research! I was worried about my schedule and reading all the papers to catch up with my mentor's research, but it's starting to look up! :)

Go ahead and share yours!
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