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CEU Course Reviews

1.  " Launching Your School SLP Career With a Great CF Experience"  presented by : Jean Blosser, Ed.D., CCC-SLP.  "Despite the title exclusively stating "school", she iterates that these same principles can be applied to those in the medical-side of SLP as well. You might have to change a student for a client or recess duty for other responsibilities while she talks, but Jean makes it very clear that you can transfer these ideas to different settings. She actually created this seminar to be aimed at both parties, so aspiring/current mentors and future mentees could benefit from the information..." Click the link above to read on!

2. "Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS): Defining the Territory" by Peter Flipsen, Ph.D., S-LP (C), SLP-CCC. "This is a splendid course that gives thorough information on defining CAS, as well as giving perspective on diagnosis and assessment of this disorder. He also discusses it issues that are faced when figuring out what all is unique to this disorder, differential diagnosis, long-term risks existent with CAS, and diagnosing/ assessing this disorder in children compared to adult Apraxia of Speech or other Speech Sound Disorders..." For further information click the link in the course title!