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Facebook Groups For the SLP Student Part 1

27 March 2015

By now you can probably tell I'm a major proponent of online resources, networking and learning. One source that has filled all three of those things is Facebook. Now, you might say, " but, Trina, how could a SLP, AuD, or CSD student even benefit  from Facebook? What's on Facebook that can help us in the future or even now?!" Well, there is actually quite a lot! So, I've decided to do a three-part mini-series on Facebook Groups for the SLP Student. First up: why to utilize Facebook in your academic (and clinical) career!

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-Networking: There are sooo many groups on Facebook. Some are for students only, others are only for practicing clinicians, and others are a mixture (and even a few allow parents!). All of these groups are a chance for you to network, especially if they deal with the population you want to work with or a specific location you want to work at. If you can name it, there's a group for it ( travel SLP, working abroad, starting a private practice, bilingual clients, dysphagia, collaboration between professions...).

-Discussions and Learning: I can't tell you how many discussions occur weekly within all the Facebook groups I'm a part of. And guess what? They are all extremely helpful by giving me insight into current issues in the field or they providing me with information on how to work with a specific disorder. There've been discussions on caseloads, ethics, testing materials, products and even work bags! I've learned a great deal from these, and I know that I will continue to gain knowledge.

-Materials: Quite a few groups share materials! (Mind you, the members don't share materials that one must pay for; rather, they share personal items like their own data sheets). If you want to work in a specific population or just aren't sure how to organize your data, many groups have a folder where materials are kept. Or, you can also just ask other members if they have anything that works particularly well for them.

-Advice: Similar to the discussions, lots of advice is given out on a daily basis. All of the groups I'm in are comprised of SLPs and students who truly care about one another, so I've never felt afraid to ask a question.

Look out for both Part Two and Part Three!