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Resolution Link-Up!

03 January 2015


As we all know, with the new year often comes resolutions that fit all shapes and sizes. Well, the lovely Natalie Snyders has decided to host a link up for us all to say what our resolutions are. I think it's a great idea (and should certainly hold me more accountable), so I'm joining in on the fun! This year I'm doing a mix of academic, and general resolutions... take a look below:

First, I really would like to better my Spanish. You'd think dating a Spaniard and being in Spain for about 5 months over the past 2.5 years would have made me half bilingual by now, right? I do understand quite a bit, but since I've only ever had 1 semester and 1 month of classes I do poorly with listening unless people talk slowly. Don't get me wrong-- I can hold some conversations (especially after some vino) but I just want to improve my grammar so I feel more confident!So, long story short-- I aim on taking a Spanish class this semester and possibly in the summer!

Second, it'd be nice to actually read more. I managed to read a couple books this past semester, but not as many as I would've liked. So, this year I aim to read at least 2 books a month, whether they are SLP related or just for fun. 

Third, blog, blog, blog! I want to blog much more. I love writing and I enjoy reaching out to people and advocating for our field. My resolution for this is to write at least 4 posts a month...On top of this, I'd like to make more products! We'll see how this goes, although I might be able to make some when I actually start seeing clients in the fall during grad school... so keep an eye out!

Fourth,  I want to go to my first ASHA convention this year! I'd love to meet all the fellow bloggers and clinicians as well as learn about new research in our field! (Perhaps I'll even do a poster session on my undergraduate thesis..but we'll see. Baby steps!) 

If you'd like to join in or read other bloggers' New Years Resolutions, check out Natalie Snyders' blog