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Broken Communication & The Next Great Baker

01 August 2014

A couple weeks ago I was enjoying one of my guilty pleasures, The Next Great Baker,  and was amused to find that the week's theme was communication with teammates. To be more precise, it focused on working cohesively when there is a communication breakdown, as they were in teams of four with two working at a time. There was no intercommunication between group A and group B of each team when they had to switch off who was working on the cake.  It definitely led to some interesting moments and final cakes since they were for destination weddings! One turned out pretty well, another was decent with some key concepts misinterpreted along the way, and two were not done very satisfactorily-- it was even leaning a bit! (Too bad they didn't have Italy for the destination!)

So, it just goes to show... communication is everything and it is required everywhere!