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My First Poster Session!

29 April 2014

So, I have some personal news today... I recently entered into my school's student poster session. I was one of a few in the Student Research category and, on top of that, I was the only one from my major in the entire poster session, so I was slightly nervous...but there is good news-- I won my category!

My poster discussed the most recent experiment we did in my lab and was titled "The Cocktail Party Effect in Simulated Cochlear Implant Processing". The research was focused on the localization abilities of cochlear implants through a simulation that normal hearing listeners participated in. Our result were mixed but shed some light on possibilities of why we received that outcome. I got to discuss our project, the theories behind it, the outcomes and the meanings of these outcomes to students and faculty from a variety of disciplines. It was a great learning experience as I had to find novel ways to discuss certain items if they weren't clear, so I got to practice my public speaking skills!

I'm very excited to see what opportunity will come up next. This year will be especially exciting as I get to write my own thesis, so stay tuned!