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Undergraduate Weighted Grade Tracking Chart

26 January 2014

As I'm trying to reinvent my organization yet again (I'm so particular, especially with note-taking.), I've come across something that has been often overlooked in my records-- grade keeping. It seems that around finals time every semester I begin to freak out and don't figure out what I'll need to get on the exam ahead of time. Instead, I freak out a few days before, collect all my grades and figure out their weight and how much percentage that grade comes to in my cumulative score. That's why I've decided to be proactive and try to find a good technique to grade keeping and knowing how much I need to get on the final ahead of time.

Now, I'm not saying this isn't fool-proof, but I think this chart has promise, which is why I'm sharing it with everyone. Basically, you have a separate one for each class, and it'll have the date, assignment, grade, what that assignment's weight is out of everything, what the weighted percentage of that assignment is, and your total weighted grade. Here's an example (download link at bottom of post):

So, say that your class has 4 reflections worth a total of 20% of your grade... that makes each reflection 5% of your final grade (written under "Weight"). Since the grade on 'Reflection #1' is 25/25, that is equal to receiving the full possible 5% for that assignment ("Weighted Percent"). Since this is the first assignment logged, the "Total Percent" (your total percent so far in the class) is 5%. 
Now let's say you have 4 quizzes, worth a total of 60% of your final grade... that makes each quiz worth 15% of your grade individually ("Weight"). You only receive an 8/10, which is equal to 12% (of the total 15% available). So 12% now goes into "Weighted Percent". Now, add this to the percent above in "Total Percent" to get 17%, which is now what you currently have in the class.

Does this make sense?? I've attached the sheet to this post for anyone that wants it. Hope you find it helpful! Doe anyone else have some organization/ grade keeping tips?

CLICK HERE for the download link!

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